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•EFS Rigid Pocket Filters are constructed to withstand extreme humidity, high velocities and turbulence and are excellent for all types of air handling systems.

•Self-supported filter pockets stay rigid in the air stream.

•The filter element is free of metal parts, eliminating the risk of corrosion and punctures

•Corrosion-free polyurethane header ensures a leak-proof bonding of pockets to header.

•Synthetic media rated at ASHRAE 45-50% (MERV 8) and ASHRAE 60-65% (MERV 11).

•Non-shedding fibers are specially designed to resist moisture and chemicals.

•Resists all types of bacterial growth.

•EFS Rigid Pocket Filters are light-weight and easy to handle providing for low-cost transport and disposal.

•Progressively structured design provides exceptionally low pressure drop at high efficiency levels.

•Spacers channel the air entering the pocket resulting in lower pressure drop and reduced energy costs.