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The Role of Filtration and Air Cleaning in Sustaining Acceptable Indoor Environmental Quality through Ventilation Air Replacement

Pollutants that cause allergies can build up in indoor air as it is recycled through a building’s air handling system. According to studies by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air contains pollutant levels that are two to five times higher than levels of those same pollutants in outdoor air.

Although you may not notice the airborne hazards in your business, they can cause a variety of problems ranging from seasonal allergies and asthma to life-threatening conditions.


Dust, mold, pollen and pet dander are among the common allergens found in indoor air. Mites and mold spores are particularly pervasive allergens that can thrive in the same environments where you live and work. Even the materials used to construct and decorate buildings can release substances that cause mild to severe respiratory, eye and skin irritation.

High-quality air filters offer significant protection against these allergens and irritants. While lower-quality filters often shed fibers and release contaminants back into the air, Air Filters Northwest supplied filters are designed to maintain their integrity and remove impurities. 

You can depend on Air Filters Northwest filters to maintain excellent indoor air quality.