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Smoking or being exposed to cigarette and cigar smoke has long been a part of the casino experience. In many instances, smoking is considered important to the continued financial success of a casino. But managing smoke isn’t the only indoor air quality issue for casinos. There are many other potential air quality issues in such an environment that have nothing to do with smoke. These range from dirty money, mold and dust, to mycotoxins, pollen, odors, and more. Indoor air quality has declined so significantly that the EPA’s Science Advisory Board has ranked indoor air pollution as one of the top five risks to public health in the United States. Hotels and casinos must focus on IAQ to provide a healthier, more desirable environment for their customers.

Air Filters Supplied by AFNW®...

  • Substantially improve air quality conditions in the building
  • Reduce indoor levels of all particulate pollutants inside the building
  • Remove smoke and other gaseous pollutants from the air stream thus eliminating harsh/harmful odors
  • Help protect occupants from re-circulated air that has been contaminated or entered through unfiltered openings
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