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Gaseous/Molecular Pollution

Jet airplanes as well as idling buses, trucks, taxis and other automobiles produce several gaseous pollutants including nitrogen oxide (NOX), nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide (SOX) aldehydes and aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). Other sources of gaseous pollutants include cigarette smoke, hydrocarbons produced by cleaning agents, etc., and fumes/odors from food facilities and/or human beings.

Particulate Pollution

Both jet and diesel engines (buses, trucks, etc.) release fine particulates in their exhaust. Particulate pollution can also consist of dust, road dirt, ash, airborne fungal spores, etc.

Air Filters Supplied by AFNW®...

  • remove gaseous pollutants from the air stream thus eliminating harsh/harmful odors and contaminants
  • help protect visitors from re-circulated air that has been contaminated or entered through unfiltered openings
  • reduce indoor levels of particulate pollutants inside the building
  • substantially improve air quality conditions in the building
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